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  • Breakfast

    Full service breakfast – fresh eggs, seasoned potatoes, bacon, fruit cups, assorted muffins, bagels and freshly baked croissants. Assorted fresh pressed juices and smoothies made to order, tea, freshly brewed coffee, espresso drinks and assorted snacks.

  • Lunch

    Hot lunches are a dynamic fusion of international cuisine that appeal to a diverse array of pallets. The menu changes daily and is prepared in house for a home style approach. Also available are soups of the day, fresh salads and sandwiches made to order.

About Us

We serve a dynamic fusion of international cuisine. that appeals to a diverse array of pallets.

Our lunch strategy is a balance of 40% Paleo, 60% Vegan/Vegetarian.

We offer a farm to table inspired menu that balances the realities of living in the city with the amazing products regionally available for those willing to look a little harder. We have a deep appreciation for the ingredients that go into our food and for the farmers who grow them.

Responsibly sourced ingredients are the foundation of every dish. From ethically raised meats to fruits and vegetables pulled and picked with the earth and honeybees in mind. We’re committed to the best of every season, which makes it possible for 72% of our ingredients used to prepare our meals to be Organic.

The menu changes daily and is prepared in house for a home style approach; ninety percent of the items we prepare are oven roasted.

Our aim is simple, for our guests to feel as they are part of our family.

Thank you for choosing us.

Lunch Menu– Week of february 19th

  • Monday
  • chicken cordon blue/ chicken spinach alfredo / roasted salmon
    ° sides – brown rice ° mac & cheese ° roasted potatoes ° green beans ° veggies ° broccoli ° sauteed spinach
    ° salads – kale cole slaw ° arugula peach feta salad
  • Soup of the day
    ° mixed veggies
  • Tuesday
  • chicken marsala/ beef stroganoff / roasted pork
    ° sides – brown rice ° jasmin rice ° mashed potatoes ° roasted sweet potato ° cauliflower w/ peppers & goat cheese ° veggies ° roasted eggplant ° squash au gratin
    ° salads – caprese salad ° spinach quinoa salad ° kale apple almond salad
  • Soup of the day
    ° Italian lentils
  • chicken w/ dried tomatoes & goat cheese/ meatballs (beef) /roasted salmon
    ° sides – brown rice ° garden blend rice ° pesto gnocchi ° roasted potatoes ° kale w/ cauliflower ° veggies ° spinach w/ garbanzo ° broccoli w/ peppers
    ° salads – kale almond salad ° cucumber salad ° spinach strawberry pecan salad
  • Soup of the day
    ° yellow squash w/ winter pumpkin
  • roasted chicken / kale ricotta ravioli / penne w/ pesto shrimp
    ° sides – brown rice ° radish slaw ° roasted brussels ° mixed veggies ° parm butternut squash° squash primavera ° peas w/ broccoli ° beets w/ sweet potato
    ° salads – kale cole slaw ° spinach beet goat cheese salad ° artichoke tomato salad
  • Soup of the day
    ° cauliflower w/ carrots
  • steak milanesa/ sirloin pork loin / salmon w/ capers
    ° sides – brown rice ° spanish rice ° fried yuca ° garbanzo w/ tomatoes ° mashed potatoes ° veggies ° mixed squash ° calabaza w/ shallots
    ° salads – kale caesar salad ° cucumber strawberry salad ° spinach orzo salad
  • Soup of the day
    ° cream of corn

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